ShmooCon Presentation Posted

February 08, 2009

Our presentation from ShmooCon 2009 Fail 2.0: Further Musings on Attacking Social Networks, is now posted. You can get you can download it here: fail_2dot0.pdf

Presenting at ShmooCon

January 15, 2009

Nathan and Shawn are presenting at ShmooCon. The talk is on more social network goodness. The presentation title is Fail 2.0: Further Musings on Attacking Social Networks. Come on by and say hello if you are in the neighborhood.

Black Hat / Defcon Presentation Slides

August 10, 2008

Nathan and Shawn have posted their updated Black Hat and Defcon presentation slides. These slides can be found here. Satan_Blackhat_Defcon.pdf

Black Hat Webcast

June 24, 2008

Check out the Black Hat Forbidden Sneak Peek, you can find out more information hereNathan and Shawn will be talking about their presentation and letting people know what they can expect. Several others are involved as well.

Defcon 16

May 22, 2008

Nathan and Shawn Moyer from Agura Digital Security will also be speaking at Defcon. The topic is the same as their Black Hat talk. If you can't make Black Hat be sure and see their presentation at Defcon.

Black Hat 2008

May 9, 2008

Nathan and Shawn Moyer from Agura Digital Security will be speaking at Black Hat 2008. The topic is called Satan is on my Friends List: Attacking Social Networks. The presentation will cover aspects of attacking social networks from both a social and technical perspective. Do you use Social Networks? Come to the presentation to find out of you go 0wn3d ;)


May 5, 2008

It has been a while since Outerz0ne. Once again it was another successful year. It is good to see another security related conferece in the Atlanta area doing well. Keeping true to the purpose of the conference it was free. It is always free. Next year if you are considering a security conference you should consider Outerz0ne


February 22, 2008

Well, it was fun to see all of our friends come out at Shmoocon. We had plenty of stuff going on and many projects that were talked about and hopefully will be put in to swing very soon.

New Site Launched

February 20, 2008

We launched a new site for the group. We have spent quite a bit of time pondering what exactly we wanted to do with the site and exactly what we wanted it to be. We hope you get plenty of useful information from this site in the years to come. Welcome.